Monday, June 6, 2011

Finally, News.

Well I have a few pieces of news that I've been holding on to for a while and can now let out.  First, the small stuff.  I'll be fighting on King of the Cage on July 16th at Kewedin Casino in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan.  My opponent is a tough dude with a pro record of 3-1 with 3 Knock outs and a solid wrestling background.  He'll be the toughest guy I've faced in King of the Cage yet, and I'm excited for the challenge.  This event will also air on television in Canada and the U.S.A., which is pretty cool.  I'll post more details about that when I get them.
  I had another fight lined up for a big event in Ontario and then it got cancelled. Then it was on again.  And then off.   There was lots of playing games from the opponent I was supposed to fight, but in the end he declined to fight me.  Such is life.  I think I'll run into him somewhere along the line. 

And now the bigger news.  For a little less than a month I haven't been training at Ho Shin Sool.  Nothing personal, just a difference of opinion about the direction that our fighters should be going and what they should be doing.  In that time I've gone back to fundamentals.  I wrestle with wrestlers, I do jiu jitsu with jiu jitsu players and I box with boxers.  It's felt good to work on these skills again in isolation. In addition to training, I've been working on opening my own MMA club.  Things have moved really quickly and I signed the lease papers this past weekend.  So with little fanfare and without further ado I give you...
We don't open our doors until September, but the website is up here with info, schedules, prices etc... Check it out.


  1. Awesome update Brent. Great to hear you guys are starting an MMA club, it looks like there will be a ton of different things for people to learn. I look forward to hearing more about your fighting and how the club pans out. It will be the best MMA club in the world!

  2. Good news kimosabe! You can teach me some homo-erotic grapples when I come visit.

  3. Brent, nice to hear that you are starting your own MMA club, can scotty and I come and train?

  4. Absolutely Gordo! Free memberships for you two... just for giving me reliable saturday afternoon training partners in Korea.