Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NEWS!... sorta

Here's a Teaser... Stay Tuned!

I have at least three separate pieces of news that I am itching to break. But I can't.  Yet.   I CAN tell you that I have some fight announcements coming up and that one of the fights will be televised in Canada and the USA.  How sweet is that?  I last fought about 6 months ago so I am really looking forward to getting back in there soon.

The Canada/Korea/USA Connection
Ever since I've returned to Canada I've had a fair bit of contact with the fellas at Daegu MMA in Korea.   I muddle throught the Korean Language website to post stuff and they always get one of their English speaking members to translate and post a reply.
It turns out that I've also become a bit of an English speaking contact for Daegu MMA.  When a foreigner in Korea is interested in training they usually Google "MMA in Daegu", or something similar.  My blog is usually the first English language result for that search.  Because of this, I've had lots of people look me up on Facebook for information regarding the club.  I point them in the right direction and wish them luck in their training.  Recently a Facebook contact filmed a bit of a Sambo seminar that was happening at Daegu MMA.   Here are some vids from the seminar.  There are some great techniques here that are a little different from your traditional Jiu Jitsu style, but look quite effective.  I can't wait to try them out.  **Note** I'm proud to be a part of the team from Daegu MMA that won the 2010 East Asian Sambo Championships, beating several Sambo schools along the way.  On the day of the tournament I had 7 or 8 matches. (Can't remember for sure. Let's say eight, just to increase the level of my awesomeness in the minds of both people who read this blog).  I lost one match and won the rest; it was a  grueling day.

The guy is the video is Ron Dayley, an American/Korean who has family in Daegu.  he also owns and runs his own gym in Clarksville, TN.  Some of his fighters have competed in the UFC and Strikeforce.

Real Life Humour For The Week.
The following story was relayed to me from my fiance.  A friend of hers was visiting the doctor, who happened to be an elderly east Indian man.  he asked if she was pregnant.  She said "No".  He asked if she had ever been pregnant.  She said "No".  Asked if what she method of birth control she was using.  She said "Homosexuality".  
When the doctor regained his breath after choking on his water he said something about that being a pretty effective method.

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