Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Korean hospitals and a mutinous body

Hold it right there... 
Well, that didn't last long.  I'm not fighting in Japan next month.  I accepted the fight on Thursday and pulled out yesterday (wednesday).  Monday afternoon at work I noticed my ankle was getting a little sore.  By the time the end of the day rolled around I could barely walk and my ankle was swollen to the point I didn't want to take my shoe off because I didn't think I'd be able to put it back on.  There's a hospital on the short walk to my house, which was a good thing because I'm not sure I would have made it all the way home. I might have had to knock some kid off his bike, or at least get him to double ride me home.   
I have no idea what caused my ankle to swell up.  I trained hard on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  My ankle was fine until Monday afternoon and I did nothing in between except go to an indoor water spa with some co-workers (don't laugh, it was awesome).
On the positive side I was extremely impressed with my first Korean hospital experience.  I got signed in, triaged, assessed by a nurse and a doctor and X-rayed in a span of about  25 minutes.  There was nothing broken but they couldn't really tell me anything more than that.  They gave me an injection of who knows what (it felt like liquid gold), a prescription for some pain meds and put me in a half cast.  The cast was pretty cool.  It was a flexible piece of plastic and gauze that they injected with some sort of warm plaster.  the warm plaster molded to my leg and cooled and hardened to the shape of my foot.  The plaster is wrapped with bandages to keep it in place and they gave me a walking boot to wear with it.  Unfortunately I don't think the cast formed to my leg as well as it was supposed to.  Sometimes it doesn't keep my foot from moving around and it's a pain to walk around with.  I keep trying to wear it around but I find taping up my ankle does just as good a job.

I guess for the next few weeks I'll be standing in front of a punching bag working on turning my hips and shoulders and keeping my chin down.  I'll also have some time to do some strength work in the weight room, which I'm a little glad about.  I know that the "silver lining" expression is cliched but there's always something you can do, and if I don't do something I'll go crazy.

It feels like my body is conspiring against me to keep me from competing in Asia.  Jiu Jitsu tournament? Sublexed shoulder.  MMMA fight? Mysterious ankle explosion.  I think I'm going to have to keep my body in the dark about these things from now on.  Then again, some people say my body should always be kept in the dark anyways.

After slouching around for a few days and being generally grumpy about not fighting I've cheered up a bit.  First of all, tomorrow is my birthday.  E-mail me and I'll send you the account # where you can deposit my gift.  Secondly, one of my 6 year old students wrote this in her weekend diary. Click on the picture to enlarge and read it.

 If that doesn't make you laugh you've obviously had a successful senseofhumourectomy.

It's the thought that counts:
When it looked like I was going to fight in January I was looking for some sponsors to help cover the cost of travel an accommodations since the fight organizations doesn't do that for it's fighters.  ARMBAR Athletics stepped up right away and offered to pay a good chunk of the expense.  I'm extremely grateful that a small company would do that, especially for a fighter that is just getting going in his career.  ARMBAR Athletics sells MMA gear and fashion and has a lot of the big names in their store.  If you're in the market for something I hope you'll support them... their support for me is greatly appreciated.  If you buy something from them, tell them I sent ya!

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