Monday, November 23, 2009

It's been a while since I've posted but hopefully today's post will make you laugh and smile enough to make up for the lack of regular updates.

Korean Signs and Translations
It seems like Korean's have been brainwashed into believing that the English language will be the salvation of the country and that to be successful you must understand the language.  There is a strong, depreciating belief in Korea that the English language is somehow better and a symbolizes class and intelligence.  Because of this belief Korean stores and clothing labels love to put English words or translations on their signs and products. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) a lot of the signs and t shirts with English on them are written by people with a poor grasp of the language.  This is strange considering how many English speaking westerners live in Korea.  The hilarious result of the gibberish, konglish and poor translation can be seen below.  These pictures are only a fraction of what you see on a weekly basis.  These are just the pictures I took when I saw a good sign and happened to have my camera on me.  Enjoy.
I'll post more as I see them.

On the right hand side of the page I've also added a couple of videos.  The first is a fantastic vid that really highlights all of the emotional aspects of MMA. 
The second is one of the best speeches (for my money) in any movie.  Just when Louden is starting to think his quest is hopeless his long time buddy and one of his mentors reminds him of why it's important, even if it's just "six lousy minutes on the mat".

   Typical translation on the package of a Halloween costume.

Everything you need, including raping?

Ive been in this store.  It's more like 'Shop and... Meh'

Makes sense since this is how Koreans usually speak English.

Does this mean I can buy ice cream instead of a ring? Nice.

Korea is actually pretty progressive in terms of environmental issues, despite this sign.

This bathroom is only for girls who really, really have to go.

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