Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ho Shin Sool MMA Fighters Gearing up for King of the Cage Dec. 12th

On July 25th five Ho Shin Sool MMA fighters, including myself, stepped into the cage at King of the Cage: DisputedDisputed had some match-ups that would settle some regional rivalries and Ho Shin Sool proved again that not only were we the first to bring MMA to our area, but we were, by far, still the best.  The night ended 5-0 for HSSMMA with 3 KO's and 2 submissions.  Those who had questioned our legitimacy, dedication or talent were left to eat their own bitter words.

    Ho Shin Sool Fight Team celebrates going 5-0 at KOTC: Disputed

If you were at Disputed and want more (or if you missed it and are mad about it) you'll get your chance to see the HSS boys in action again on December 12th at King of the Cage: Title Defense. Four HSS fighters will be in action at Title defence, which will take place at Vegas Kiwedin Dreamakers Theatre.  If you've never been to a KOTC show, don't miss this one.  The atmosphere when HSS fighters get in the cage is something not to be missed. The Sault area is lucky to have a quality promotion like KOTC coming back so don't miss out.   Coach Liguori will guide  Adrian "So Young He's Almost Sperm" Vilaca, Trevor "The Tremor" Manchester, Ray "Broken Parts" Gowlett and Jeff "The Big Caboose" Elliot into battle.  I might have to check the accuracy on those nicknames, but I'm pretty sure I got them all.

          Poster boys Jeff Elliot (far left) and Adrian Vilaca (left).  Trevor Manchester
and Ray Gowlett didn't make the cut due to aesthetic issues.

Tony Hervey will also be defending his 145 lb KOTC title at Title Defense.  Hervey just lost a close 5 round decision to Takanori Gomi, considered one of the best lightweights in the world, at Vale Tudo: Japan. 
Tickets are available at Ho Shin Sool Martial Arts and Fitness Center, Brody's Bar ad Grill and Sportscenter Bar and Grill.  Brody's and Sportscenter are also HSS sponsors so show them some love!

P.S.  Boy have I got a treat for you!  Every once in a while I'm going to post a clip from the movie "Vision Quest" on the blog.  If you're a wrestler and have never seen this movie I'm calling you out right here and saying that you're not a real wrestler.  Boxers have "Rocky", Football has "Rudy", Wrestling has "Vision Quest".

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