Friday, September 11, 2009

Quick style

I recorded a message from my 5 year old kindergarten class; here it is. Yes, that's the whole class, and yes, they might be the cutest kids in the world. from left to right that's Mario, Alice, Sam and Amy. I can't wait to give my first Korean kid an English name. Darth will be a cool kid I'm sure.

Also, last night I went with an acquaintance to a Muay Thai gym in my neighbourhood that has a reputation for developing some great fighters. The owner seemed very happy to have me working out at their gym... until he found out I was also training at Daegu MMA. They hate each other and I was told I'd have to pick one place or the other. Even in Korea it is impossible to avoid martial arts politics. More on this later...

I'm heading to Busan (Pusan) to hit the beach while the temp is still in the high 20's and give surfing a try. Some beverages may also be in order.

Thought for Today:
I know why there are no male kindergarten teachers. You get bagged ALL THE TIME! Kids love to run up to you and hug at all times of the day. Unfortunately their heads are at just the right height that a running hug turns into a running head butt in the cajones. When they run up and hug you from behind their little fists wrap around and bag you just as hard. I don't wear my cup to jiu-jitsu but I may start wearing it to school.

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  1. Keep up the posts Brent. I love living vicariously through you