Sunday, August 23, 2009

Parties, Parties, Parties

Things are rolling along here in Orangeville/Toronto. I went with my friend Josh to Robin Black's party at the Bovine Sex Club. There were some other fighters and musicians there along with training partners and friends from Extreme Couture. The highlight for me was when a girl physically attacked me in the bar. Her friend was chatting up Josh so she was stuck with me. She was throwing out a real "tough chick" vibe and I wasn't buying it. Maybe I shouldn't have told her that I thought everything about the way she presented herself was a disguise and that people who are actually tough don't act that way (case in point, there were a bunch of fighters around and she was the only one acting tough). Maybe I also shouldn't have said that underneath all of her tattoos, spiked piercings and aggressive behaviour she was probably just a fragile, scared little girl. That was probably the part that did it. When she attacked me, I lassoed her real quick and sat her down on a chair while she tried to scratch, bite and knee me in the sweet spot. Like I said, she wasn't as tough as she thought she was... I've beat up way tougher chicks. The best part of the whole thing was that this happened in the middle of a bar and only about 5 people noticed and none of them blinked an eye. She also told me to watch out because her boyfriend "is really into jiu-jitsu". I wish she said "trains UFC" but that's almost as good. Unless her boyfriend is Mark Bocek or something, in which case I guess I'm in big shit. Robin also had the belt out and was having everyone taking pictures wearing it. I felt a little strange about it, like I should only take a picture wearing a belt if I've won it. It's kind of like in wrestling all of the kids who buy Team Canada singlets... You're only supposed to wear one if you've earned it.

Yesterday was also my girlfriend's birthday as well as her grandmother's 80th birthday. The in-laws had a big BBQ/bonfire with lots of family and friends. Meat, sparklers, horseshoes, donkeyballs, drinks... we had it all going on. Also, my girlfriend is better than your girlfriend and her Grandma is one of the raddest 80 year olds around. She was still up drinking after I went to bed. No joke.

I'll be hitting the gym a fair bit over the next few days as there is a grappling tournament in Korea not long after I get there and I'd like to show up in decent shape. I hope to get in some more sessions at Extreme Couture as well as check out my buddy Alex's new gym (Crossfit Huronia/Driven Athletics) in Victoria Harbour. They'll be offering wrestling, jiu-jitsu and MMA, as well as Crossfit and a host of other fitness classes so if you are in the Huronia, Midland, Vic Harbour area check them out.


  1. Your a god damn funny guy Brent Fryia. Love the blog and good to hear Lisa had a good birthday with her rad grandma.
    this reminds me of... "if you have the choice to be nice or be a bitch, why are you always a bitch??"

    take care, Kim Hawdon

  2. AWw you make me miss Orangeville a bit!! Your blog keeps me entertained while I'm waiting for the laundry to be done here at the arena....
    enjoy your travels!!!